new romancer

new romancer

  •  Суббота, 12 Август, 21:00 — 05:00
  •  Suzuran, Сверчков пер., 8, Москва

New Romance - новая серия сессий в Suzuran Bar, пришедшая на место PLAY. Присоединяйтесь к первой ночи киберпанка с warm-up от Крис Хелмбрехт, вслед за которым за пульт встанет MARCHA и Ice Cold.

Japanese hooligans party like wild boys in Moscow. It sounds like a plot of a William Gibson novel. The inventor of "cyberspace" and cyber punk cult person inspired us to this party.

"New Romancer" was one of his most successful books and even the film Johnny Mnemonic is based on it.

This is our new signature party, replacing PLAY.

Join us for a cyberpunk party night with Chris Helmbrecht opening, followed by our special guest MARCHA and Ice Cold will play the final set until last man standing!

Saturday, 21:00
Reserve: +7 (495) 226-18-48