☉☉☉ PLAY ☉☉☉

☉☉☉ PLAY ☉☉☉

  •  Пятница, 17 Март, 21:00 — 06:00
  •  Suzuran, Сверчков пер., 8, Москва

Warm-Up by our resident Sergey August, the upcoming talented Russian producer.

After that, we'll have the Propaganda resident and producer Thierry Tomas, which will play the prime time set for you!

After that, from 02:00 CHRIS HELMBRECHT puts on the freshest tracks from Berlins best clubs, like Ritter Butzke, Kater Blau or Salon zur wilden Renate.

Closed Venue. Friends & Family only. Special Session. Work hard. PLAY hard.

>>> Berlin Styled venue with Berlin styled music <<<

This weeks DJ line-up:

Sergey August from 22:00
Thierry Tomas from 00:00
Chris Helmbrecht from 02/03:00

You are invited!

☉☉☉ PLAY ☉☉☉
Sat Mar 17th 21:00 - 6:00
@ Suzuran
Ul. Sverchkov 8
Find the entrance in the yards. Ring the bell.

Password: Lets PLAY!

No Facecontrol. Casual dresscode. BE FREE!

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