☉☉☉ PLAY ☉☉☉

☉☉☉ PLAY ☉☉☉

  •  Пятница, 20 Январь, 21:00 — 06:00
  •  Suzuran, Сверчков пер., 8, Москва

Maximali will dj the warm-up for you. From midnight the Propaganda resident Thierry Tomas will play a nice 2 hour set for you, with his freshest tracks.

After that enjoy a djset of Chris Helmbrecht, who will bring you the sounds of Berlins best clubs, like Ritter Butzke, Kater Blau or Salon zur wilden Renate.

Closed Venue. Friends & Family only. Special Session. Work hard. PLAY hard.

>>> Berlin Styled venue with Berlin styled music <<<

This weeks DJ line-up:

Thierry Tomas
Chris Helmbrecht

You are invited!

☉☉☉ PLAY ☉☉☉
Fri Jan 20th 21:00 - 6:00
@ Suzuran
Ul. Sverchkov 8
Find the entrance in the yards. Ring the bell.

Password: Lets PLAY!

No Facecontrol. Casual dresscode. BE FREE!

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